Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Coming soon...

Pie chart interaction

Blooms taxonomy revisited


  1. Hi! I'm a teacher in primary school in HK. Did you create this with Adobe Captivate? Thanks!

  2. I'm so behind in this blog!!

    No. Both of these interactions were developed using Adobe Flash (AS3), a couple of talented developers, a graphic designer each, and a producer with a headache ;) I captured the videos using Adobe Captivate to showcase the learning design.

    I'm sure you could produce a Bloom's Taxonomy-style "drag-and-drop" in Captivate. You won't get the bouncy strings, but the correct/incorrect coloured counters could be made with only small effort.

    The method to employ when using less programmable presentation products (Captivate) is to determine their limits and then to think in layers to mimic the more expensive products' tricks. The pi charts are incredibly clever pieces of programming, but using Captivate you could offer a similar result through small and branching on-user-action animations.

    It's never the bells and whistles that make great learning - nor even greater engagement for kids - but the learning design and pace of the learning interaction: building interest and even creating tension to increase the motivation to problem solve.

    And now I'm wondering what exciting idea you have up your sleeve to spring on your pupils?? How would you apply these kinds of interactions??